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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who Was That Masked........ Mama??

You may recall that Adam had decided to try his hand at turkey hunting this spring. Being the very supportive Mama that I am, I was happy tolet him run with it. That is just the kind of gal I am...... He was busy on line using Google and YouTube to learn this new skill and that gave me...... relief!! LOL!! This new hobby required all kinds of new special gizmos and he was able to buy or talk his siblings into buying almost everything he wanted. Since his birthday convienently fell just before the start of spring turkey season, he is now probably one of the best equipteed turkey hunters in the midwest..... 

Unfortunately, he is not old enough to hunt by himself---- I don't care what the state of Kansas says--- I am not turning my 12 year old loose in the woods with a shotgun! That means I get to go along...... before the crack of dawn! Let me tell you a little bit about what is involved when you go off turkey hunting. Turkeys are wiley creatures with excellent hearing and sight. That means not only do you have to be very still and quiet, you also have to be in full camo gear......

Since I have no vanity at all, I will show you exactly what I look like while turkey hunting:

Camo Fashionista!!!

Please notice that I am carry friends..... the decoys are named Jake and Henny. Apparently they are supposed to strike jealousy in the hearts of passing Tom turkeys..... lust will get you in trouble nearly EVERY time..... this is one of those teaching moments when I share such pearls of wisdom while in the hunting blind.

He set the blind up right next to the creek in the wooded south end of our property. At the time, it was dry but after nearly four inches of rain, I really felt like I should be trout fishing in Colorado. 

Since he has nearly every turkey call known to man, he spent a great deal of time "talking turkey" trying to lure them in. I was never so surprised in my life when a hen turkey suddenly yelped back at him! Two curious girls walked in and checked him out and it was marvelous to hear their conversation. They seemed to know that they were perfectly safe since it is only legal to shoot Toms. It would not have mattered because Adam was trembling so much that there is no way he could have made the shot!

Those two have been the only turkeys that we have seen so far. The season is winding down and we have been too busy or too lazy to get up early enough to go. His enthusiasm has waned but I am not the least bit sorry. The entire time that I am sitting in that blind, I am looking for ticks crawling instead of turkeys!!


  1. What a great mother you are! I went turkey hunting, maybe three times. Too cold, too wet, too many ticks....and SOOOO much gear! And of course, didn't get a turkey.

    But I hope your boy eventually gets one. They certainly are yummy :)

  2. Thank you!! They are sooooo much easier to dress than a deer.....

  3. Boy, that looks like fun? I admire your mothering!