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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starting to Sneeze!

I can hardly believe it after that long, cold winter but spring is actually here. Along with this incredibly warm, windy weather, my allergies are also here. I can't even begin to list all the things that have happened since the last time I blogged...... but I will try!

- Charlie has a new job as a deputy sheriff and has moved out. He manages to make it back a few times a week to do laundry.
- Salena has graduated and working full time. YAY!!
- All three of the older kids are beginning the process of looking for new ( to them) vehicles. We hope to do that early next year
- Planted all sorts of fruit trees in the new orchard.
- Set out somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 new asparagus roots.
- 8 new blueberry bushes
-Added 6 comfrey plants to the herb garden
- 50 strawberry plants
-Somehow, our sheep numbers have topped 20....and I have to get the poor things sheared VERY soon!
- I managed to start all kinds of seedlings for the garden and kill a good many of them by burning them with too strong of a fertilizer mixture.

That is probably the "Top Ten" homestead happenings during my blog vacation.

Today, we are gearing back up to start the pasture rotational grazing. We very successfully strip grazed a big plot of wheat for the steers and replacement heifers. That pretty much ended today when we loaded up the steers to go to the sale barn.

We worked all morning getting the electric fencing straightened back up, headed to town to see the cow sale and eat lunch. When we got back, I spent much of the afternoon, spreading Bermuda grass seed into thin or bare spots in the pasture. Fifty pounds of Wrangler Bermuda grass cost $325!! And I just threw it on the ground!!! While walking with the spreader, I made a lovely discovery!


I flushed a meadowlark from her nest. After I took the pictures, I quickly moved away and she came right back....... so no birds were harmed to get this picture!

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