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Monday, May 20, 2013

Farewell to Friends...

I am a horse lover. I am the person that I am in part because of the horses that I have owned and ridden during my life time. When I was a child, I am quite sure that the only reason that I stayed on the straight and narrow was because of my horse.

This picture shows four of the six equines that live on our farm these days. These are the favorites who remain as memories of our glory days...... there were times that we had as many as a dozen hanging out in the pastures. My two middle children are horseman and they spent many happy hours roaming the countryside and competeing at saddle club playdays and shows.

My youngest son has ridden quite a bit but he is still learning.

The horses spend weeks and months just hanging out, enjoying each other's company. Occassionally, someone will get the urge to saddle up and take a ride or will use one of them when helping the neighbors to gather and work cattle.

The kids have decided that two of the remuda need to be sold. Doc and Spinner need new homes where they will be used and loved. This small herd of horses really is hard to work around. They can't go out with the cattle because they harass the calves. Equines, in general, are hard on pastures and even harder on fences.

So..... Salena has advertised them and people have started calling to ask about them. Supposidly, some folks are coming out today to take a look at them.

Secretly, in my heart of hearts, I hope that they don't show up or that they change their minds and don't want them. I won't deliberately sabotage the sale...... much...... but....

These gallant beasts have made us very, very, very happy...... we have wonderful memories of long rides and all sorts of adventures. They have given many times of very close bonding between my children as siblings and myself as their parent.

But most of can I betray them...... these ornery, wonderful creatures gave my children such courage!! Such confidence!! A spirit of freedom and most of all..... wings!! They gave them the idea that nearly anything was possible to accomplish....

My only consolation is that they will most likely do the same thing for another family......

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