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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weather Relapse

I swear that I am losing my menopausal, hormone deprived mind! I just can't take the cold any more..... I am about to just snap!! It has been absolutely lovely weather even with a little rain thrown in.... until late yesterday.  A typical spring storm blew through but the temperature dropped down to down right chilly and so did my attitude. I did manage to brave the brisk north wind and get a few chores done but definitely with out any enthusiasm.  It may be best for me to just wind things up early this evening, turn on my beloved heated matress pad, and hibernate......

Yesterday, Adam and I got a thrid strand of electric fence up around what used to be called the "horse pasture". We had gotten a small "training lane" set up a few days before. It is just a small area with good grazing that is very well fenced with electric wire. We are using this area to train the goats and weaned calves to respect an electric fence. Not an easy feat with goats, let me tell you! 

After spending two days in the training lane and getting the old horse pasture fixed, I turned the whole goat herd out to graze. This area is pretty darn big. I am a terrible judge of land area but I would guess between seven and ten acres and full of wild rose bushes. The girls had a marvelous time! They all stayed in and waddled back to the barn as full as ticks......

Next on the agenda is to put the weaned calves and three replacement heifers into the training pen. While they are hanging out in there discovering the zapping power of those thin little wires, we will be getting the late planted wheat set up to rotational graze. We have no intention of ever harvesting it so they will get to graze it all until the heat kills it or we sell the steers and the heifers get big enough to go out with the bull--- which ever comes first.

It is supposed to drop down below freezing tonight...... I just can't stand it. The urge to just go to bed is more than I can withstand. I am going down for a nap...... an then I will get up and cover my lettuce and strawberries...... one more time.....

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