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Monday, December 3, 2012

Plotting and Planning

Most people I know are planning for Christmas. I am just not in the "spirit".  Usually by this time, I am nearly done with all the shopping and related hoopla...... but not this year. Deep down inside, I am being very passive aggressive and just pretending that none of the holiday stuff is happening. I have just sort of totally skipped over all that and moved on to the planning and goal setting stuff that we normally do in January.

The craft fair this last weekend was very nice and very festive but...... even though we sold a bunch of soap and lotion, all I bought was a cute new apron----- for ME! LOL!!

On top of all that, it is deer season. Open day of rifle season came and went and I really didn't notice too much. I have went out a few times with Adam but I took a book to read. YAWN..... he is still a very beginning hunter so after about an hour, he is ready to head in to the house and that is just fine with me.

I guess that I need to snap out of this funk or I am going to lose my "Mother-of-the-Year" status....

What I have been doing is scouring the Internet for the best prices on fruit trees, strawberry plants, blueberry bushes and asparagus crowns..... Praying for rain and watching the horizon. I can't bear to listen to a weather report or check the weather sites on line because it is just too depressing. Hearing those chirpy forecasters gush about warm, sunny weather makes me grit my teeth.

We moved the cows into the fourth of seven paddocks this morning. Everybody just moved right over with out any fuss or drama. I went in to town to do some banking and bill paying this morning and came home with a new chainsaw...... how many women can cross that off of their to-do list??

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  1. I am feeling much the same way Tana. This drought keeps dragging on and it seems everyday there is something new to deal with to keep things going. I really haven't had a break from all of it for months and it is really starting to wear me down, too.
    Here's hoping we get any kind of moisture soon!