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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chef Lumber Jack Nurse

That is my title these days. I have been cooking nearly everyday ( and the kitchen shows it... ), helping Seth with the small tree clearing in the finished grazing paddocks and taking care of sick or injured people.

Neil has had a terrible cold and Adam fell out of a tree and severely sprained his ankle.

Salena says that she will be heading home after her late class tonight. We are under no illusions that she is rushing home because she misses us terribly! It is still hunting season and the last weekend of gun season until January. She is the only one in the family that has the hunting fever this year.

This morning, I made two batches of basic baking mix and another two batches of the bread machine mix.
Adam was in alot of pain so Seth let me stay at the house while he did all of the chores. I made a double batch of muffins for breakfast in hopes of having a few left over for this weekend. I must have been dreaming. The only thing left is the empty pans.......

The barn kitchen is still waiting for me and still in a huge mess. I do not know when I am going to get back on that project but I am well aware that time is running out. Noelle will calve in Jan/Feb and the goats start kidding in February. I had hoped to have all of that organized and set up in more "professional" system. If I don't get the lead out, it will just continue to be the same old depressing mess. Emphasis on "MESS"......

I am thinking that I am just going to have to commit myself (and the rest of the clan) to pulling out all the stops and making this THE PRIORITY for the last week of December and the first of January.

The rotational grazing trial will be over on Sunday morning. So far, the cows have only moved themselves one time. It looks like deer ran through the fence sometime in the night and the cows just walked to the next pen as soon as it was daylight. They were scheduled to anyway but I would have preferred for them not to handle it on their own.  

That end of the farm looks wonderful. We have cut down and piled up enough cedar and hedge trees to make a huge pile. The plan is to begin burning the piles as soon as we get enough rain or snow to reduce the fire danger---- or wait until spring green up---- which ever comes first. There are about a dozen large piles of tree debris scattered all over this farm. They were here when we bought the place but it has been a low priority to get them burned. The kids have had a few bonfires and invited their friends over to enjoy the party but there are still many more eyesores. I have decided that 2013 is the year to get all that cleaned up.

One pile is so large that I am afraid it would show up on a space satellite if we set a match to it. It is an absolute rabbit warren. The coyotes as well as our dogs hunt it every day-- and night. I am going to have to think long and hard about setting it ablaze. I have gotten so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore. It is a farm fixture--- kind of like the barn and actually bigger than the barn!

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