Shades of Ireland

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


After 14 days of a terrible cold and cough, I think that I just MIGHT be getting over it. There were a couple of days there that I just had to turn it all over to Seth and go back to bed.

I hate to get my hopes up but..... there is a very good chance that we might get some much needed rain or even snow this afternoon. If the snow does make it, we do not expect to get more than an inch but moisture is moisture and I will not complain at all.

We have begun putting out hay for the livestock. That immediately puts us on a countdown clock until spring green up. Will we make it or not?? I can already tell that I do not have enough small square bales for the goats and penned critters. Going to have to do some creative thinking there...... I am pretty sure that I can buy another pick up truck load or two from my hay guy but the later in the season that you buy it, the more expensive it gets.

The good news is that what little rain we have gotten was enough to get the strip of wheat to sprout. We have no intentions of harvesting it and plan to graze it all off. That should give us a little more time before we get desperate for livestock feed.

I was marveling at how fat the sheep, Katherine and Elizabeth, are and Neil reminded me that in less than six weeks, we will have lambs!!

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