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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whew! What a Month!

July has been just one thing after another!

 I had a wonderful time in Loveland, Colorado at the American Dairy Goat Association 2012 National Show. I worked for Hamby Dairy Supply for the week. The weather-- even when it was hot--- was still wonderful. When we first arrived, it rained enough to put most of the raging fire in the area out and green things up considerably.
Watching the show and visiting with old and new friends made for a great vacation. Earning some money and buying my supplies for the year made for a great job. One of the highlights of the the whole week came on Friday night. I won the Alpine raffle doe kid!! I was busy tearing down the booth and did not attend the drawing. My friend called me with the good news and I just could not believe it! Mamm-Key Epic's Precious is a beautiful doeling with such a sweet disposition! She rode in the trailer with my friend's goats about half of the trip home. After that, she rode in the back seat of Charlie's Chevy Cavalier!! I took the seat out and put it in the truck and covered as much as I could with a tarp and plastic sheeting. I stopped and walked her around a few times just like a big puppy! She was a very good passenger and only had one accident just before we arrived home.

Now that I am back home, we are dealing as best as we can with another full lown drought situation...... no rain to speak of in what seems like ages. Temperatures are 100 degrees or higher nearly every day. No real of chance for about ten more days.

My beautiful garden is pretty much gone. I am trying to keep the the tomatoes and asparagus alive. The fruit trees are looking pretty sad but I just keep giving them a drink every evening and hoping that they hang on a bit longer.

We still have some areas of the pasture that have grass and the cows are all very fat..... hoping that we can keep them in good shape for a while longer....... calling around and searching for hay to buy. If it doesn't rain very soon, the situation will reach the critical point -----again. Neil sat down and calcualted that this is our 14th summer in Kansas and our fourth serious drought.

The good news is that I got a really nice surprise almost as soon as I got back home.

One of my yearling Alpine does had a very small doe kid! She is just beautiful.......

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