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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

County Fair

Every year, I wonder why in the world we go to the county fair. It is always the last week of July when it is miserably hot. Every body gets incredibly stressed out and it just wears us all to a frazzle getting ready.

Even so, by the time next year's fair time rolls around, all of that seems to fade in our memory and we sign up for all kinds of projects and do it all over again.

Honestly, it is very hard work but....... it is a good satisfying feeling to get it all done and compete against other 4-H friends.

This year was Seth's last year to be eligible. Since there are very few dairy cow or goat entries, he did very well-- of course. Winning the Dairy Showmanship, made him eligible for to compete in the "Round Robin Showmanship". This is an overall showmanship contest against the other winners in each species.
They have to show pigs, beef cattle, dairy ( goat or cow), horses, lambs, and meat goats. It makes for a long contest. Seth did not win but he sure made us proud.

Adam did well, too. One of the pictures that he took while in Yellowstone won Top Blue. That means that he will be able to send it on to state competition. Also, his pen of three commercial hens--- fat old Buff Orpington hens that have enjoyed the summer grasshoppers and extra milk at the barn--- won Reserve Champion in the poultry division. He had other hens that also got Top Blue ribbons as well. 

The two Saanen/Boer cross does showed well in their classes. The boys ran them through the "premium sale" which is basically bids for prize money, and people were very generous to them. They have nice checks to put in their bank accounts.

My feet are sore, my body is weary but my soul is full and happy because of the wonderful time we had with our friends and neighbors in this county.......

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  1. Congrats on a good showing at the fair and for new memories made!