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Monday, July 2, 2012

Took A Little Trip!

It was wonderful but it really threw me for a loop! Seth and I zipped up to Grand Island, Nebraska for almost a whole week. He was on the Kansas Shooting Sports Team in the muzzle loading discipline.

This is his group and the coach:

Mike "Blue Hawk" Adams, Jamie Burger, Austin and Wyatt Smith and Seth.

Pay no attention to the ribbons--- they didn't win them. It was an error and they awarded the team 5th place by mistake and the kids had to give back these ribbons........ that is a whole 'nuther story!

Seth had a wonderful shoot despite all the crazy weather. We had blistering heat and wind, cold and rain and one perfect weather day. The only ting missing was snow--- thank goodness! He shot his personal best several times. In the end, he placed 5th overal and the team placed 6th. 

The competition was absolutely fierce with about 13 teams and close to 50 shooters in muzzleloading. 
The very best part for me was my wonderful " neighbors".

All of the family and friends for the teams had to stay well back away from the shooting line. For safety reasons but also because........ you all know how 4-H parents can be! LOL!!! They just wanted to take the pressure off of the kids and only their coach was allowed to speak to them during the match.

So--- we all set up little "camps" back across the ditch.

This was my group from Kansas.

Next door to us on one side was a very friendly group from Florida:

On the other side were our neighbors from Colorado :

We chatted with people from other states up and down the line but pretty much sat with this group of people for the better part of four days. I had a MARVELOUS time! The humor and kindness of these stranger/friends truely blessed my soul. We all wanted our kids and teams to do well but the competition was fair, sane and friendly. We cheered for and encouraged each others kids! 

Sometimes, I find myself world weary and getting pretty cynical if I spend too much time online or listening to the news. Seems like I get overwhelmed with bad news and bad attitudes. Rude, selfish and vulgar are viewed as normal. It was so refreshing for me to meet and spend time with "real live" spectacularly ordinary people.   

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