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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chilly Chores

When Neil got up this morning, he gave me the good news that it was 10 degrees outside. I promptly rolled right back over and stayed in bed.  I am not really very fond of 6:00am anyway but a frozen solid 6:00am is totally out of the question.

Normally, I keep the thermostat set on 55 degrees for the house and we use the fireplace almost continuously. Since we have all been sick from one thing or another, I have graciously allowed the kids to turn it up to 60 degrees.

So we are used to being a bit chilly and when we come in from outside, the house feels absolutely tropical. But this gal is NOT going outside-- barring a terrible emergency--- until it warms up to at least 15 degrees. I really try to stretch out the inside chores until the sun warms it up to 20. Something about 20 degrees just doesn't horrify like temps in the teens does. Cold is cold but I have set 20 as my thresh hold for suffering..... 

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