Shades of Ireland

Monday, January 14, 2013

Blog Issues

I woud really like to blog more but I also would like to post some pictures to go along with it. Not happening apparently. I do not know what Google is doing but I can no longer upload pictures. Probably means they have done something new and improved that I have totally missed. I am getting pretty tired of dealing with it.

I have done the trouble shooting thing and the screen I am supposed to get when I click on the "add an image" icon is missing one very important button--- the one that says " choose files".
Google also does not employ human beings so ther is no one to contact and no other options.......

I may be done blogging.


  1. I've read that many bloggers have solved the problem by switching to the Google Chrome browser. I hope you can get the problem solved and not quit blogging. Although I don't often comment, I enjoy your blog and read all your posts.

  2. Google gives you a limited amount of space on Picasa Web for photographs. You can go to Picasa Web and go in and delete extra pix (they "pad" them) to open more space. I have found that I now have to upload my photographs to Picasa, then select them on my blog. It's a pain.

  3. Maybe you could switch to a different platform? I use weebly, and upload my photos straight from my computer.

  4. Thanks Teeny! That is what I am thinking about doing. This Google business is just a bit...... too all knowing, all linking, all controlling, all exposing every aspect of your life.
    I will certainly check out weebly.