Shades of Ireland

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I put it off as long as I can but the time has come. I have been milking the sore footed Jersey girls with my goat claw. For those of you new to the world of dairy, that means that I have only been milking two quarters at a time. That means that the actual milking chores take twice as long as they should and the girls get to stand in the stanchion and eat longer.
In the beginning, that was a fine arrangement for all of us. I had plenty of help, it wasn't very cold and they certainly needed the extra grain. All of that is changing now. It is definitely colder. Seth really needs to concentrate on finishing up that last of his school work and review since he is getting ready for college. We need to reduce his chore load. Finally--- the girls are looking much better--- still sore footed--- but they have begun to get pretty sassy attitudes since they are eating all that high energy grain.

Last night, I rigged up the cow claw and got it all cleaned up. The only problem is ME! Cow claws are bulky and you have to be somewhat coordinated to get it all to work. I have never been very good at getting all four of them on there with out losing the vacuum and having to start over.

I am really dreading going over there this morning!!


  1. Totally TMI here, but I've been pumping breastmilk for the last 7 months (but wowzer it feels like forever), and I have a hard enough time getting 2 flanges onto myself without losing the vacuum on one side! Can't imagine how difficult it would be to do 4 on another creature. Good luck!

  2. LOL!!! Also in the TMI dept,I nursed all four of mine and never did use a pump. I just couldn't get past the idea.....

    Anyway-- mission accomplished this morning in about half the time even with me fumbling around. The girls were shocked that they did not get second helpings of feed.