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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Still No Computer

I have been pushed for time and money this summer so I haven't repaired the crashed computer or bought a new one. I borrow the kids or Neils when I can get a chance.
It has been miserably hot and dry for the last week or so. We try to get our work done early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid the worst of the heat. It just seems to me that we waste the entire day dragging around inside. I've read nearly everything in the house and have decided that this has GOT to stop. Starting Monday, we are going to have a full schedule of "inside" things to do------ cleaning and school. Boring but at least productive.

I had one of those "moments" a little while ago that just feel the need to write down somewhere. Bear with me...... LOL! I am in and interesting transition time in my life. Sometimes it is a great thing and other times it leaves me terribly sad. Like it or not, things are changing......

My oldest son, Charlie, works the night shift as a corrections officer. He is working his way into his lifelong dream of being in law enforcement. Ever since he was a very little guy, he has dreamed and pretended of being the " good guy". He wore a cowboy hat and a holster set nearly every waking moment. When Neil's uncle ran for sheriff, they gave him a plastic badge/campaigne button to wear. He wore it for many years........

This afternoon, he leaned in the doorway to my room to say goodbye before leaving for work. I cannot describe how I felt seeing my first born baby boy standing there in a black tee shirt with his buzzed off haircut, bad boy sunglasses, his badged unform shirt in one hand and his gunbelt draped over his shoulder...... It struck me how handsome and grown he is.

This is for real. Have Mercy!!!!  Growing old is not for sissies!!!!

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