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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Redneck Bobsled!

The boys had a marvelous time during the storms. I have bought one of those plastic disc type sleds for Adam as part of his Christmas. I think that it lasted about a half an hour before they had broken it..... pulling it behind the 4-wheeler. Farm boys can improvise if nothing else. They tried the half barrel feed troughs but they were not sleek enough to glide over the snow and ended up just plowing furrows. In the end, the metal body of an old wheel barrow and a worn out lariat did the trick.

Since the 4-wheeler was involved, Prissy had to be right in the middle of things. She seems to think that it will not run unless she is perched on the seat. She enjoyed the sledding for a little while--- until they began to do the high speed spins and "sling shots". She bailed out and ran along beside them barking until they let her up on the seat.

Seth may be nineteen but he wasn't about to let his little brother have all the fun.

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